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Our job is to help you change how you see your business in todays world.

Today’s consumers expect to be able to interact with businesses through online, mobile and socials channels. But according to a recent small business study co-commissioned by Deloitte and Google, 80 percent of US small businesses are not taking full advantage of digital tools. We find out what is holding your business back from digital adoption and what steps you can take to successfully enter the digital age and use technology to be more profitable.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

10 %
Customers prefer in person meet
Close rate for networking events
Customer from tradeshows
HOSI (High Octane Solutions Inc.) is considered a premiere business consultant because our clients continue to recommend us. They do so because of the tools we have at our disposal, our demonstrated skills at using them and the team around us. In our business it says a lot about us to have global powers and local business legends our corner.

"Networking is the #1 unwritten rule in a successful business"

Sallie Krawcheck

You see a + below we see a positive future outcome.

Networking makes business more personable. Networking can be fun if conducted in the right atmosphere. We try to make that happen by creating our own networking functions and participating and promoting others. Click on our calendar button to see events we are a part of. If you would like to have an event at your location or sponsor an event as part of your marketing strategy we can help make that happen as well.

Webinars are a perfect way to gain knowledge and obtain CEUs (Continuing Education Units) without the expense and frustration of travel. Check our calendar to see if there are any webinars you would like to be a part of.

Did you know that according to statistics regardless of industry, those businesses that participated in a tradeshow had a closing rate of 20% of the people they met at the show.  Use our calendar and see what Tradeshows we are going to, and come and see use.

Seminars unlike Webinars require your attendance.  While attending a workshop with a speaking is great, being a speaker helps you hone your message and provides you a captive audience. If you are interested in being a speaker, lets see how we can make that happen.

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