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Money is the tool that pays for itself.

So to be perfectly clear. When we talk money we are talking about money and your business. We are not talking about your savings account and your 401k. We are talking about what you charge a client for services provided, and how and when you collect those funds, when and how you distribute those funds to suppliers and employees. Also, what technology you use when you collect, funds. Our business is helping our clients be more mindful and better stewards of their own money.

Our consulting and technology saves our clients money, retain existing clients and provides efficiencies that can be felt throughout the company saving time and are bottom line positive. Call us! We would love to talk to you about what we can do for your company.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

Average credit card debt
$ 10
# of 1 person shops making > 1M
businesses fail because of cashflow
10 %
HOSI (High Octane Solutions Inc.) is considered a premiere business consultant because our clients continue to recommend us. They do so because of the tools we have at our disposal, our demonstrated skills at using them and the team around us. In our business it says a lot about us to have global powers and local business legends our corner.

"Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value"

Joe Biden

You see a + below we see a positive future outcome.

(Pointing To The Money) The Cash Compass works to find the right small business funding options to meet your industry-specific needs without making it ridiculously complicated. The Cash Compass has extensive experience helping business owners from a wide range of industries get the financing they need. We tailor small business funding options like loans, financing, or equipment leases to meet the needs of your business and work quickly to get you the funds you need to be profitable. (Click here to go to The Cash Compass.Com)

One complete, seamless buying experience across every channel, location, and device.
One complete set of data to enhance your customer experience.
One simple API integration.

That’s Unified Commerce.

No banks. No piles of paperwork. Applying for a business loan is simple, with approval and funding in as fast as 48 hours. 

Applying for financing is quick and easy when you meet the minimum funding requirements.

  • At least one year of business operation
  • Revenue of $100,000 per year
  • A credit score of 550 or higher
    Provide three consecutive monthly bank statements demonstrating overall business health.

Lines of Credit can do a lot for your business and can be a safety net for those times when money is slow and you need an infusion of cash into you business almost immediately. We work with banks and non-traditional lenders to provides lines of credit as low as $1,500 and as high as $250,000.00.

Online is a big place so creating a strategy to sell there isn’t always easy. With many opportunities to sell your products or services. Through your own website or on social media, email or even from a web-based app. We’ve got the checkout options to make sure you stay in front of your customers everywhere they are online.


Revenue based capital is a specialty of The Cash We work with businesses throughout the US to secure the most competitive type of capital for their specific industry and immediate need. This capital is strictly based on gross monthly revenue and cash flow of the business.

Revenue based funding has gained in popularity, because of the easy and speedy approvals and a borrowers ability to maintain small payments so the business owner doesn’t have to worry about keeping a large amount of money in their account just to make payments. It is always a fixed payment and a fixed payback that way you know exactly what is coming out of your account.

Terms can go as long as 24 months for qualified businesses, but the average term length is within 4 to 12 months depending on the risk the underwriter assigns to your business.

The Cash and our partners are not “married” to any 1 offer. We have the ability to go back to the underwriting table to request for a more competitive offer, longer terms, lower rate or higher dollar amount. We may also change the underwriter altogether, We find creative ways to work for you and with you, as long as we see your business may be able to qualify for a different offer.


Construction businesses may incur expenses on labor and supplies for a project before they get paid in full even during busy seasons.

Construction finance for builders is one of the many challenges construction companies face. Access to funds is usually a deciding factor between companies that thrive in the construction sector and those firms that fail.

Construction firms should have a ready source of funding to help them keep their bills paid and give them the advantage of taking up opportunities when they arise.

The benefits of getting a business construction loan

You require working capital to enable you to take on more construction work. Here are the advantages of getting financing for construction companies:

  • Make payroll consistently. Your employees are not likely to leave your company for other jobs since they know they will be paid on time.
  • Keep material costs low to maximize profits. When you have cash on hand, you have the purchase and bargaining power. You can negotiate with vendors to enjoy discounts and special pricing for fast payment.
  • Enjoy getting land and public-sector jobs. Most public sector projects include minority-owned, incentives and mandates to hire local women-owned subcontractors. Construction companies that are in those groups are assured of landing more jobs if they have enough working capital.
  • Negotiate better pricing from subcontractors. Contractors are likely to offer you the best rates if they know you will pay them. Therefore, you stand in a better position if you have access to working capital than construction companies with limited finances.

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Investment property rehab loans are available for real estate investors who wish to purchase a property, quickly make any needed repairs and improvements and then sell the property immediately.
Fix and hold loans are also available to investors who wish to purchase a property in need of rehab, make improvements and then hold the property as a rental.

What You Need To Qualify?

The first thing you would need to get a loan for investment properties is to have at least 20% to 40% down in case you want to purchase, or substantial equity in the property if you’re looking for a cash out refinance. 

The higher the down payment or property equity you have, the more likely you will be approved. 

We will also look at the borrower’s experience in real estate. If this is the first time that the borrower is going to finance an investment real estate deal, he or she might face more scrutiny than a borrower with years of experience in these types of deals.

What You Need To Provide, Answer These Questions.

  • Type of rental property (condo, townhouse, single family, etc.)
  • Property location (Exact Address)
  • Current market value
  • Mortgage balance (if applicable)
  • Loan amount sought
  • Proposed use of funds
  • Borrowers can be corporations or LLCs
  • Existing income reflected in bank statements
  • Cash reserves reflected in bank statements
  • Credit score of 550 or higher (exceptions apply)
  • Ability to perform exit strategy may be needed
  • A portfolio, for experienced investors (optional)

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Equipment Financing refers to a loan used to purchase business-related equipment or machinery, such as restaurant equipment, commercial trucks, or construction equipment. These loans provide for periodic payments that include interest and principal over a fixed term

A considerable number of businesses use equipment financing to replace, upgrade, or purchase new equipment while at the same time retaining cash flow and working capital. Getting an equipment loan involves a lender that is willing to finance from 80% to 100% of the equipment.

The loan is self-secured, meaning that the piece of equipment or machinery works as collateral. As a result, lenders tend to offer lower interest rates with longer terms.

How much you can borrow and the interest rate will depend on the value of the equipment you will buy and the strength of your loan application. Also, the term of the loan will not exceed the length of the useful lifetime of the financed equipment.

With the capital that businesses borrow they can get everything from computers, trucks, ovens, desks, furniture, copiers, forklifts, farm machinery—without having to pay the full cost up-front.

Equipment Leasing

Often, new business owners use up the majority of their capital on equipment, not realizing that leasing is a cheaper alternative. Some business owners are only looking for a temporary solution, so they choose to lease instead of buying. Others lease the machinery because they don’t have the capital to buy it outright.

When you lease a piece of machinery, you are renting it just like you would rent an apartment. That means that you will only be able to use the equipment while you’re paying for it.

The main advantages, of leasing the equipment, are that you don’t need to put any money down or collateral. On the other hand, leasing the equipment could end up being more expensive than just purchasing it outright.

Startups business have unique needs when it comes to financing. Our loan program includes lines of credit and unsecured term loans (where available) for startups, entrepreneurs, or existing businesses. You will be prequalified in a few hours and funding will take place in as little as 5 days.  Our process is simple, fill out an online application, select your offer, and get funded!  

Benefits of a Startup Loan.

  • Jumpstart your business
  • Get pre-qualified with a soft credit pull
  • Low-interest rates
  • Monthly payments
  • No prepayment penalties
  • 5 Days for funding
  • Maintain full ownership

How to qualify

  • 700+ Credit score on 2 of 3 bureaus.
  • 5+ Active revolving accounts
  • History of installment loans
  • Less than 3 inquires in the last 6 months on each bureau
  • 40% credit utilization or less
  • Verifiable income (taxes, pay stubs, w2, etc.)
  • Fill out a simple online application

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