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If money is the blood of a business then marketing is its heart. Marketing sets the pace the rhythm that everything dances too. Not enough sales means not enough customers increase sales volume, it's likely more customers in the door. The Marketing Mix sets the tone for who will see you, how they will see you and how often.

Creating the right marketing mix makes the difference in how the world will see and interact with your product or service. Marketing Strategy is a foundation of our success, let us put that to work for you. 

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

small businesses use Facebook Ads
10 %
people discover new on Instagram
10 %
people shopped online last month
HOSI (High Octane Solutions Inc.) is considered a premiere business consultant because our clients continue to recommend us. They do so because of the tools we have at our disposal, our demonstrated skills at using them and the team around us. In our business it says a lot about us to have global powers and local business legends our corner.

"91% of the time, consumers will choose small businesses when convenient, and 74% look for ways to support small businesses even if it’s not convenient."


You see a + below we see a positive future outcome.

(The Best Online Directory, Ever Created) Boomerang Business Directory or as we like to call it BOOM360, is more than a business directory. Boom is a business community. Boom is a tool or better yet a Swiss Army Knife for marketing your business. It is a multi-faceted business focused portal that business owners can use to grow their businesses. Boom comes equipped with 20 onboard ready to go marketing tools.  Boom is part of High Octane Solutions Inc. a business consultancy whos owners have more than a quarter century of business knowledge that they pour into Boom and their other tools. This is part of what makes Boom unique. The level of knowledge, skills and technology available at Boom at such a low price point has never been done before, and is an achievement in and of itself.  The most important thing that sets Boom apart from any other online directory is the absolute belief and commitment to making Boom a real online business community. The feeling is with community comes trust with trust comes acceptance and with that comes opportunity. This is how we put THE BOOM in your business. (Click here to go to Boomerang Business Directory)

Social Media has long replaced print and radio media and is expected to soon overtake television as the most dominant form of advertising in the world. We work with our client to add social media as a cornerstone of their marketing mix. We collaborate on everything from creation, placement to analysis and beyond. We build campaigns to draw the eye and capture the attention of the audience our client wants.   

Lets talk about what we can do with you and your business.

Email marketing is the most effective way to incentivize customer spending, win back lapsed customers, and attract new ones.

Engage customers with timely, personalized email campaigns and push notifications. Then track your performance, and optimize for ongoing success.

  • Create personalized email campaigns—fast with customizable templates and drag-and-drop editing.

  • Build accurate customer lists from your customer loyalty data. Send targeted campaigns, or import customer details to create and manage mailing lists.

  • Automate email campaigns to send the right message to the right customer at the right time.

  • Offer coupons and discounts ready to redeem immediately, in-store.

QR Codes or Quick Response Codes are an easy and really ubiquitous way to market your business. You can easily use it as a business contact card like the one here for HOSI  President Cedric Joseph or you can add links to sales, special gift offers, vip customer information and hundreds of other things as well.

QR Codes can extend the marketing reach of a small business well beyond their perceived budget so they can market products, people and services with just one scan. QR codes are everywhere and add a lot of value for a small price to your marketing mix.

Lets get started on yours today.  

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